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Our hotel  provides a suitable environment to Sentido Numa Bay Hotel conditions , with a belief that we can effort by a better labour following Our aim  is continuous improvement.we improve service quality and customer satisfaction, we continuously measure and treat.We uncompromise in the period of when the mostly all hotels are providing that much hıgh services we aim to match and  exceed the expectations of our guests . All of our activities under the legal requirements relating to, we aim to be recognized is the world leader in a hotel in Turkey by working in accordance with international standards.

Our company offers  raw materials of food, storage, preparation and presentation phases of  the food safety laws, in accordance with the rules of hygiene standards , healthy and hygienic food based on hygiene standards. Followed with employees and business risks that endanger the health and safety of our partners to minimize and made continuous improvement in all our processes and the latest technology to prevent work-related accidents . We indispensable rule that educating of our employees protecting human right and respecting religions , languages and lineages .

We aim to make feel comfortable our employees for the peaceful and relax working conditions as much as our guests by training them by the edge of human respects and human rights .The importance we placed on team work and education, our peaceful work environment, love , respect and confidence  to each other and  also as our guests we provide them with feel privileged of our employees. Protecting the environment we live in, and to ensure sustainable tourism requirements: published laws in force relating to the environment in our country  rules  legislation and regulation we obey and  ensure to provide all requirements to complete completely.

While as purchasing our activities we will determine the effects of conducting environmental,adverse effects, potential danger of, and take control of our waste, the usege of natural resources, energy consumption, air, water and soil pollution, we strive to do minimized. Environmental awareness, not only by our employees, our guests also ensure the adoption of the relevant authorities and local governments, suppliers and environmental protection projects in cooperation with civil society organizations are contributing for the producing the products. We share with the public where we are settled up; providing high qualıty services,employment,protecting natural environment and efforting our best intensively for increasing the cares for all about the cases.